A Better Blind | Ryze Motor
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Ryze Motor


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Ryze motorization helps keep your world in view with subtle elegance and provides fluid functionality to any room in your home, office, or company. Smooth, quiet, and capable, RYZE motors add cutting-edge technology to any meaningful space.

  • Rechargeable by lithium battery, battery pole or solar panel
  • Fully charged lithium battery will support one up and down operation each day for 6 months
  • Quiet running with noise level below 40dB
  • Industrial level electronic components ensure good performance from outside interference
  • Auto correct limit after power off
  • Simplify your operation, set limit by remote or app
  • Three easily selectable motor speeds
  • Energy saving design with patent, powered by battery pole or solar panel
  • Stop block sensors protect object and user from damage
  • Control board is sealed by plastic box, safe and stable
  • Optional hub for smart home control
  • Purchase includes idler end needed when swapping in the motor.